The 2023 PDA Presidential Citation Recipients have been announced!  The Dental Society of Western Pennsylvania has achieved Platinum status. The Platinum Status, a pinnacle achievement within the dental community, is a symbol of the Dental Society of Western Pennsylvania’s dedication to excellence across various facets of dental care, including education, advocacy, and community outreach. Achieving this status necessitates meeting criteria set forth by the PDA, indicative of an organization’s exceptional performance and contribution to the field.

The Dental Society of Western Pennsylvania has long been recognized for its proactive approach to promoting oral health and advancing the practice of dentistry. Through continuing education programs, community outreach events, and advocacy efforts, the society has established itself as a cornerstone of dental excellence in the Western Pennsylvania region.

Moving forward, the Dental Society of Western Pennsylvania remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding the highest standards of dental care, education, and community service. With the Platinum Status serving as a beacon of excellence, the society looks ahead to furthering its mission of promoting oral health and enhancing the quality of dental care for all.