Children’s Dental Health Month at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

The Dental Society of Western Pennsylvania participated in a volunteer event at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. This two day event, headed up by DSWP CDH committee chair Dr. Jenni Waters, gave children the opportunity to interact with dental health learning tools and be entertained with a puppet show. Each child received toothbrushes, posters and handouts to take home. More events may follow throughout the year. If interested in volunteering for future events, please call the DSWP at 412-321-5810.

Volunteers: Dr. Beth Troy, her husband Dane Summerville and Dr. Michael Gans.

Volunteers from left to right: Mrs. Cindy Tauberg; Dr. James Tauberg, DSWP President-Elect; Mrs. Marilyn Zabelsky.

Dr. Dennis Zabelsky , DSWP President

DSWP members, Children’s Hospital Dental Residents and Pitt Dental Pedo Club.