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Courses and Speakers

  1. Mr. Matthew Binstock and Mr. Frank Rocchio – Mastering Dental Practice Prosperity: Integrating Financial Management, Employee Retention, and Succession Planning
  2. Mr. Matthew Spady – Opioids
  3. Dr Michael Whyte – From Smiles to Success: Unleash the Power of Clear Aligners and Insurance and Investment
  4. Dr Paul Goodman – SADs Looking to Sell, BADs Looking to Buy & Exhausted MADs
  5. Dr. Robert Marus – Restoring Teeth with High Strength, Injectable Composite
  6. Dr. Tracey Nguyen – Implementing Airway Management in a Dental Practice
  7. Dr. Robert Marus – The Imperceptible Restoration of the Anterior Fractured Tooth
  8. Dr. Debra Goff – New Dental Antibiotic Guidance
  9. Dr. Peter Auster – Newer than New: Surprising Changes in Dentistry
  10. Dr. Ashley Clark – Oral Cancer and the Dental Team: What you Need to Know
  11. Dr. Peter Auster – Be Your Own Prosthodontist – Keeping Big Cases In-House